Process Engineering / Re-engineering

Defined, Implemented and Established Quality Management System (QMS) are necessary for a successful business. Our quality system initiatives and process re-engineering practices are optimized to accomplish the mission towards achieving quality product within the timeframe and providing the benefits to your customers.

Our process re-engineering professionals’ takes responsibility and standardize business processes and deliver quality products and services consistently.

Our quality initiatives help deliver in terms of:
  • Market Share
  • Customer Loyality
  • Process and Improvement
  • Operation Cost Reduction
  • Waste Reduction
  • Financial performance and so on.
Our Process re-engineering involves:
  • Process Assessment : Studying existing processes and identifying area(s) of improvements
  • Process Improvement Strategies : Providing strategic recommendations for improvement(s)
  • Process Improvement and Articulation : Process design, re-engineering and ensuring organizational alignment
  • Process Assurance :Planning, monitoring, reviewing, evaluating processes and Knowledge Development programme
Our process re-engineering and assurance services conforms to global standards such as CMMi, ISO-9001, AS/EN-9100, ISO-27001, DO-178B/C, CENELAC 50126/50128 and so on.