Our way of Project Management

An effective management is crucial for executing a project successfully, especially when it is outsourced and managed remotely. It requires careful planning, well-organized processes and resources, determining budget and timelines for completion, implementing the project plan, and monitoring and controlling of project milestones to achieve its objectives.

We have expertise to manage projects for our clients by deputing a project management team locally and providing remote support. We also assist the client to deploy a third party to monitor, control, and review the progress of a project throughout its life cycle. We help implement the policies, processes, and best practices followed by our client.

The primary task of our project manager is to define and establish a comprehensive Project Management Plan (PMP), including but limited to:

  • Scope, schedule, resources, quality, configuration, risk management, overall service delivery and change control
  • Project specific communication plan that includes Key Progress Indicator (KPI), status monitoring, reporting and reviewing / auditing information
  • Roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders, reporting and escalation procedures
  • Project specific processes and best practices to manage a project efficiently
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) detailing tasks to be carried out, associated responsibilities for each task, milestones, deadlines for deliverables, and project closure
  • Tracking and controlling mechanism for a project.